Creatives Against Poverty Event in London

December 1, 2009 § 3 Comments

Last weekend I attended a great party in London hosted by a group calling themselves Creatives Against Poverty.

Creatives Against Poverty is a coalition of journalists and creatives who donate their skills for social impact and who seek to help increase awareness of issues close to their hearts.

For the last two years, Creatives Against Poverty have been working with a number of NGO’s who’s causes include helping street kids in Mumbai, child sorcery victims in Congo and war orphans in Sri Lanka.

This particular event was hosted by Fatima Naim and her boyfriend, in a beautiful penthouse flat near Old Street. The evening was devised to get young professionals together to meet, talk, bounce ideas of one another and to discuss how they can make an impact – even on a small level. Fatima herself, is both a journalist and photographer and had a controversial photo exhibition on display, which was both poetic and political. The photos depicted images smuggled out of Xinjiang, China, where a brutal crackdown on Muslim Uighurs betrays a sinister government agenda to crush a culture they cannot comprehend.

I also met half Congolese and half French, Tatiana Giraud who lives in London and works in finance. Tatiana is an incredibly inspiring young woman who set up a charitable trust helping victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic Congo.

Tatiana explained that she set up her trust having been moved to act after watching a film highlighting the horrors of rape in war-torn DRC. She began her quest by asking her family for more information about what was happening in her home country, but they were unable to give her answers. Following further research, Tatiana was shocked to discover the amount of women suffering from human rights abuses as a result of on-going military conflict in certain parts of the country.

She first began by began by showing a group of 25 of her friends the film she had seen. Seeing their positive response, Tatiana then hired a venue and invited more people to come and see the film, charging them a fee which she put aside to help these women from the DRC. The success of that initial film showing spurned her on to set up a separate bank account for the trust and do hold more events to raise the profile of these women’s plight. The foundation is now going from strength to strength – for more information, please visit:

Along with displays of stories and photographs of the various plights, the Creatives Against Poverty party provided a mixture of delectable Neapolitan and Turkish food during the evening, which we all tucked into with glee.

Group members who work in fashion organised a designer sample sale with donated pieces from Moschino, Alexander McQueen, Emanuel Ungaro, Armani, Gucci and YSL with proceeds going to different causes. A great evening was had by all. If you are interested in finding out more about Creatives Against Poverty events, you can find the group on Facebook.

Creatives Against Poverty supports the following:

1. Mobile phones into scholarships. On our mentoring program, a girl has decided to collect and recycle mobile phones to create Congolese kids scholarships. Please hand in your old cell phones. Why? Read about how the need for coltan used in mobile phones is fuelling the conflict in Congo. (ARTCLE)

2. We work with All for Africa, an NGO in NYC to build a positive conversation around African issues by highlighting innovative approaches to poverty:

3. We work with the Georges Malaika Foundation in Congo, caring for their kids, awareness and funds for their school project:

4. In Mumbai we work with MESCO :

5. In Sri Lanka we work with YPF :

For more info get in touch with Fatima Najm at or Cristina Pittelli

§ 3 Responses to Creatives Against Poverty Event in London

  • Tatiana says:

    Thank you so much for featuring the Trust in this article Camilla! It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we will see each other again very soon. Love Tatiana

  • Fareeha Amber Sadiq says:

    Thanks for a wonderful review of an energetic collective who are deeply connected with global issues and organising successful and meaningful events such as the one you have described above. Keep up the wonderful and hard work. To Fatima and Cristina – you are doing an amazing job in London and activating so many others to make a difference.

  • Mara Liz Meinhofer says:

    Its so important we all spread the word and raise awareness about this issues. This realities are heartbreaking. As for myself I have always lived in “my own cocoon” and if it wasn’t for events like the one just held by Creatives Against Poverty I would have never learned about this! Thanks so much to all of you doing your share on raising awareness and count me in to keep the ball rolling!

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